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1. Introduction

The FPF type frequency transducer uses thelatest electronic circuit to generate a standard frequency with a quartzcrystal, and converts the difference after comparison with the input frequencyinto a DC analog power output. Using quartz crystal and drift-free digitalcircuit, the frequency transmitter has high accuracy, good temperatureperformance and stable and reliable operation.

The DC output of the transducer is proportionalto the change of the input measured frequency, and the frequency offset withthe center frequency of 50Hz and 60Hz can be accurately measured. Andhigh-resolution frequency measurements can be made over a narrow frequencyrange. The input and output of this type of transmitter have morespecifications for users to choose, and it is convenient to cooperate with theindicating instrument and RTU.

2. Order form

When signing the order contract, the required modeland specifications should be specified in detail. The selected model andspecifications should be filled in with the code in the following format.

  Example 1:FPF-F?1-P2-O8-B2


       Input: 49~51Hz

       Auxiliarypower supply: AC 220V

       Output: 0~5V/49~51Hz

  Example 2:FPF-F1-P2-O13/B3 output -5V~0V~+5V


       Input: 48~52Hz

       Auxiliarypower supply: AC 220V

       Output:-5V ~0V~ +5V / 48~50 ~ 52Hz

3.Trminal Connection