Analog Output Isolated Barrier

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Analog Output Isolated Barrier

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1. General

XPB Series Analog Output Isolated Barrier receives the analog signal from safe area, converts into the voltage or current signal specified by the user and outputs to the dangerous area after isolation. The product restricts the energy from intrinsically safe port to hazardous area, insuring the system against explosion. It widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, natural gas, electricity, and other industrial fields. It is connected with all kinds of intrinsic safety instruments and used as the associated equipment of intrinsically safe explosion-proof system.

The product meets  GB3836.1-2010 Explosive atmospheres  -  Part 1:  Equipment-General requirements and GB3836.4-2010 Explosive atmospheres - Part 4: Equipment protection by intrinsic safety “i”. It has passed the test of China National Test Centre for Explosion Protect Electrical Products and obtained the Explosion-proof Certificate.

2. Features

Input, output and power are completely isolated, with strong anti-interference ability
High accuracy, high linearity, long - term running stability
Modular design, small size, low power consumption, suitable for intensive installation
Plug-in construction, easy installation, disassembly and maintenance

3. Ordering Information

4.Typical Connection

Datasheet  Down 👇XPB Series Analog Output Isolated Barrier Data Sheet