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Suzhou surpon Instrument Co., Ltd., is committed to the power distribution and industrial automation and control a leading supplier of two fields. The high-tech enterprise professional development series is complete, the leading domestic level signal isolator, isolated safety barrier, electricity transmitter, intelligent digital display meter, electric power monitoring instrumentation products.

Company in high reliability of electric energy metering technology, special integrated circuit design, high performance MCU application development, A/D conversion technology, harmonic measurement technology, all kinds of communication technology, software and hardware design of high reliability and long life have accumulated rich experience. Xunpeng enterprise long-term to provide advanced technology and excellent service to users. With accurate, reliable and professional advantage to meet the power system and industrial automation and control the range of demand. Marketing products throughout the country, to have a wide application in many industry, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, coal, steel, light industry machinery, paper printing and dyeing, brewing, electronics, textiles, plastics, sewage treatment, intelligent building, space base, electroplating, solar photovoltaic power generation, new energy sources, but also by many listing Corporation and national key project selection, has been highly concerned.