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GPF Frequency Transducer

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1. Introduction

The GPF frequency transducer converts AC voltage to a linear DC output signal proportional to the frequency of the input. Employing a crystal based oscillator conversion principle, the measured frequency band is accurately represented by proportional linear DC voltage or current output.

Applied Standards & Rules:

Measuring and conversion:  IEC 688 / 1992 - 04

Dielectrical strength:  IEC 688 2KVac / 1 min.

Surge and Impulse test : ANSIC37.90 /1989, IEC 255-3 (1989) 4KV 1.2 x 50us

Models and specifications:

GPF- frequency transducer: accuracy: 0.5%RO

2. Order form

Input & Output parameters

Note :
For internal powered type ... zero based outputs and Vn operation range 85%~115%

3.Trminal Connection

Note :
1. A.C. : Auxiliary AC power
2. Terminal 19 (+), 20 (-) for DC power option

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