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RTD Isolated Transmitter

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1. General

   XP Series RTD Isolated Transmitter (one input one output, one input two outputs) makes use of the characteristic that the resistance value of RTD (Pt100, Cu50, Pt1000, Ni1000, etc.) changes with the temperature, receives RTD signal from the industrial field, and converts into a standard process signal that have a linear relationship with the temperature. It is widely used in data acquisition, signal transmission and conversion, PLC, DCS and other industrial measurement and control systems in the fields of machinery, electricity, telecommunications, petroleum, chemical industry, steel, sewage treatment, building construction, etc. It is used to perfect and supplement the function of the system I/O plug-in, improve the anti-interference ability of the automatic control system, and ensure the stability and reliability of the system.

2. Features

 Input, output and power are completely isolated, with strong anti-interference ability

 High accuracy, high linearity, long - term running stability

 Modular design, small size, low power consumption, suitable for intensive installation

 Plug-in construction, easy installation, disassembly and maintenance

3. Ordering Information


4.Typical Connection